What are Boards?

Boards is a new feature in Discussion Board Pro that allows you to organize your Topics into separate Discussion Boards much like you’d see with forums and sub-forums. For example, perhaps you are running a support forum and would like to separate topics according to different products. Or perhaps you’d like to have separate Discussion Boards for new users, support queries, pre-sales questions, and so on.

Adding Boards to your site

Boards are added via a shortcode. First, find the ID number of the Board you’d like to add. To do this, go to Topics > Boards and click on the Board. In the URL of the Board page, you’ll see a tag_ID parameter:

In the example above, you can see that the tag_ID is 44. So 44 is the ID of the board.

Then, go to the page you’d like to add your shortcode and add it like this:

[discussion_board board=44]

You can add more than one shortcode to a page.

Check this article for how to configure Boards.

Setting up Boards

To enable Boards, go to Discussion Board > Settings > Boards and select the ‘Enable Boards’ checkbox.

This will create a new taxonomy term, ‘Boards’. Go to Topics > Boards to start creating new Boards.

In the ‘Name’ enter the name of your Board. In the ‘Description’ field, enter a brief description for the Board. This will appear in the Board summary.

You can also upload an image. Click on ‘Add Image’ to add a thumbnail that will represent the Board in the summary.

Click ‘Add New Board’ to create the Board. You can repeat this process for each Board you wish to add.

Configuring Boards

In the dashboard, go to Discussion Board > Settings > Boards to configure Boards settings.

Boards meta fields (summary)

Select which fields you’d like to display on the Boards summary:

Boards meta fields (archive)

Select which fields to display on the Board taxonomy pages:

Boards orderby

Select which field to order the entries on the taxonomy page.

Boards order

Either ASC or DESC.


Number of topics to display in the summary.

Show New Topic button on archive

Select where to add a New Topic button on the taxonomy page.

Making Boards compatible with your theme

Boards uses a taxonomy template that might not immediately fit your theme. Because themes use different markup for their templates, it’s not always possible to get the board taxonomy to lay out correctly.

To fix this, you can update the wrappers used in the taxonomy markup by following the guidance on this page for archive (not single) templates.

You should be able to see what the wrappers should be by looking at your theme’s page.php file. However, if you would like any help on this, please contact us.

Transition to 1.5.0 (Boards update)

If you are updating from a version of Discussion Board Pro earlier than 1.5.0, you might want to read this short post before you start to work with the new Boards feature.

If you have existing topics that you’d like to assign to Boards, you’ll need to update them manually. Luckily, you do this fairly quickly via WordPress’ Bulk Edit feature. Just go to your dashboard and click on Topics. (We’ve assumed that you’ve already set up your Boards. If not, please read this article first.)

Select the Topics you’d like to assign to a Board then click on Bulk Actions and select ‘Edit’. Click ‘Apply’:

This will allow you to edit several Topics in one hit. Select the Board you’d like to assign the Topics to then click ‘Update’.

Note that you should only assign a Topic to a maximum of one Board.

Go through your list of Topics and assign them all to a Board.