Is there a search box for the board?



I’ve been looking for a simple, clean board for a while and Discussion Board Pro is among the best I’ve seen. The only thing I don’t see is a search box. Is there search functionality built into the board? And if so, is it implemented by a short code? ~ Thanks!

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    Hi Blair - there's no search functionality within the plugin. I would recommend using either the default WordPress search or a more advanced search plugin. I believe there are some that would allow you to specify post type and/or taxonomy if you wanted to restrict your search to discussion topics only.

    Search is quite complicated functionality and I feel that it's covered well enough by other plugins without trying to incorporate it into this one.

    Hope that helps


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      I was set to buy developer version until I saw this post that there isn't a search function from within the forums/boards. It's critical for me that I have a search function specific to my forum only. Can you recommend a plugin that would accomplish this by any chance?

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    Well this answer and the fact that the documentation itself isn't searchable is a total deal breaker.

    Can't think of any reason a plugin for search wouldn't have been implemented here.