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I’m putting together a 21 lesson video course on how to get your book written – I want a forum that resides inside that membership site. I’m using s2member pro and I want members to be able to go from lesson content to the proper topic in the forum without needing to login. What setting(s) in DiscussionBoard would I use to make that happen?

Thanks so much!

Author: Anne Wayman

see www.annewayman.com for more info than you probably want.

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    Hi Anne

    If your members are already logged in, then they won't need to log in again to access the Discussion Board.

    If you have a restriction on accessing the lesson content that is based on the user's role, e.g. it's only available to subscribers, then you just need to match that restriction in Discussion Board. You can set access levels in your dashboard at Discussion Board > Settings > User.