Discussion Board has the following shortcodes:

[discussion_board_form] – displays your new topic form to permitted users

[discussion_topics] – displays a list of published topics like an archive. This shortcode accepts the following parameters:

  • orderby – can beĀ ‘date’, ‘title’, ‘author’, ‘modified’, ‘rand’, or ‘comment_count’. With the Pro version, you can also use ‘freshness’ and ‘status’
    E.g.:[discussion_topics orderby="comment_count"] to display most commented-on topics
  • order – can be ‘ASC’ or ‘DESC’
  • number – the number of topics to display per page
  • show_nav – display navigation links
  • cols – can be ‘avatar,topic,replies,voices,freshness,status’
  • status – e.g. status=”Open” to only show topics with a status of ‘Open’

[discussion_board_login_form] – displays a log-in and registration form for new users

[discussion_board_login_only] – displays just the log-in form

[discussion_board_log_in_out] – displays a log-in / log-out link

[is_logged_in]Wrap around text you only want to display to logged in users[/is_logged_in]

[not_logged_in]Wrap around text you only want to display to users who are not logged in[/not_logged_in]

[new_topic_button] – displays a link to the page with your New Topic form

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